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Mon 01 Jul



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Band Members: Vocalist, Songwriter and Composer - Vineet, Guitar - Atonu Gautom Sitar and Flute - Mayank Raina, Keys - Birinchi Bora and Gunasekhar Kajoori, Drums - Anuj, Technical Engineer- Gunasekhar Kajoori, Manager- Nitin Arora 

Vineet TRG is not just an artist; he is a quintessential poet, composer, and singer-songwriter whose musical prowess has garnered him a dedicated following both locally and internationally. As the founder of “Vineet TRG”, an Indian Fusion ensemble that is based out of Mumbai, Bristol & New Delhi blends original compositions with spirited live performances, featuring a line-up of seasoned musicians from across India on Guitar, Keys, Sitar, Flute, Drums & Vocals. 
Vineet TRG has cultivated a unique sound that seamlessly blends elements of folk, rock, and blues, captivating audiences with his soulful melodies and electrifying performances. With over 30 original compositions to his name, Vineet TRG's music transcends genres, offering listeners an immersive experience that ranges from gentle whispers of poetic melodies to the pulsating rhythm of rock. His collaborative work with Globally renowned artists such as Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake) is a testament to his versatility and skill, having performed together at the esteemed Jamgarh Music Festival India & producing an album together at the Abbey Road Studios, London. 
The band TRG, comprised of some of India's most accomplished musicians, adds depth and dynamism to Vineet TRG's performances. Together, they deliver a captivating blend of soulful ballads and high-energy rock anthems, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all in attendance. 
The classical sound of the sitar seamlessly intertwines with the electrifying energy of guitars and drums, creating a mesmerizing auditory tapestry. Imagine the intricate melodies of the sitar weaving through the pulsating rhythms of electric guitars and drums, while vocalizations soar above, adding an emotive layer to the sonic landscape. 

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The Auditorium is fully accessible – for information on our accessibility click here and don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. 
AGES 14+ // DOORS 19:00 // SHOW 19:30

Auditorium - £10.00

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